First NFT Bar Presale starts 30.11 00:00 UTC!

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A team of crypto enthusiasts established the most extensive NFT alcohol collection. The amount of cards is limited. $FNB provides rewards for token holders. Become an initial investor and get your $FNB card! Cheers!

Build your own NFT bar!

First NFT Bar policy

First NFT Bar was established by a team of crypto enthusiasts with the primary goal to create insane NFTs. At the moment, the project is officially live, and we are running a Presale! The main idea is to allow investors to buy at the best price before the project is launched.

Throughout the 21 days of the Presale period, please stay tuned and check our results! Raised funds will be used for future marketing and project promotion. Unsold tokens will be burnt to control emission after Presale and liquidity are locked. Intending to motivate long-term holders, we have implemented reward features. HODL $FNB!

Reason you should buy $FNB

First NFT Bar's primary goal is to create exclusive NFT cards for collection and resale. $FNB team has abandoned the idea of creating a large number of cards. That's why our bar contains only 100 pieces of art. Every card is unique and has its rate. There are three rate types: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. $FNB art collection includes 50 Silver cards, 35 Gold cards, and 15 Platinum cards. Our team works transparently. That's why we give investors the possibility of checking the art collection at the very beginning. The First six cards are planned to launch on BakerySwap before Presale!

How do NFT cards appear?

How do NFT cards appear? Generally, a known fact is good alcohol cooked in barrels. So First NFT Bar created 5 barrels from the best crypto wood. Each barrel contains 2000 NFT cards (1000 Silver, 700 Gold, 300 Platinum). It takes 21 days to open the barrel and release a part of the NFT cards collection. There will be no additional cards or packs. $FNB team's aim is to create unique and limited product one-of-a-kind pieces.

General information about $FNB cards

In 21 days after Launch, the first barrel will be uncorked. This is the only barrel with 1400 cards because the first 600 have already been presented to the community and sold on BakerySwap. In order to stimulate investors, we decided to distribute the first 1400 NFTs between the top 1400 holders. This is the only way you can get $FNB NFT cards for free!

The remaining 80 cards will be released during the next 12 weeks! First NFT Bar cards are prepared for Launch on BakerySwap. The launch price for the Silver card is 0.3 BNB, 0.8 BNB for Gold, and 2 BNB for Platinum! 30% from each NFT purchase will be transferred to liquidity and marketing needs.

Part of NFT collection

Silver bottle of soft whiskey inside!
This special sort of alcohol beverage is better to taste after successful working day! Every connoisseur of strong alcohol knows its value in a home bar. This unique silver NFT bottle of relaxing whiskey will be a great supplement to your collection.
Create your own NFT bar! Take care of your health and get rewards from our project!
Silver bottle of strong whiskey
We were inspired by strong single malt whiskeys while creating this bottle. This card takes place in the first part of First NFT Bar collection, it gives the special value! Every hard liquor lover will appreciate such a product in his crypto wallet. Create your own NFT bar! Take care of your health and get rewards from our project!
Golden bottle of exquisite cognac
Exquisite - about says it all. Unique shape of this bottle is made in classic cognac style. Golden collections give value to this product. If you want to stand out from the crowd and show yourself as a true connoisseur of alcohol - this NFT card is definitely for you!
Jack-Whiskey golden bottle
Yes, we couldn't miss and don't pay tribute to the legendary famous whiskey. This collection is dedicated to him. Shape, framing, everything reminds of him. Looking at this bottle, the one tart taste comes to mind. As you have already understood, this hyped bottle is one-of-a-kind-piece! First NFT Bar - your best investment!
$FNB15 Platinum Bottle
Luxury. Platinum collection starts from this product $FNB15. Having this bottle in your bar gives you a sense of superiority and satisfaction from this investment. You don't just decorate your bar, you show everyone that you understand the future of art. Value of this product will grow exponentially, everybody wants to own it!
$FNB Orange platinum bottle
An unrivaled bottle of luxury whiskey. Refer to the most rare and expensive platinum collection. Existence of this bottle in a bar is not just a product but an artifact for which many investors are ready to pay a fortune!


1 NFT Barrel$FNB
2 NFT Barrel$FNB
3 NFT Barrel$FNB
4 NFT Barrel$FNB
5 NFT Barrel$FNB
We are proud to introduce NFT Barrels. The exclusive collection inside is ready to conquer NFT World! Demonstrated barrels are used to create cards during established periods. As you can see, there are only 5 barrels! $FNB art collection is limited. Only 100 unique cards are planned to be released.
At the moment the $FNB token is launched on PancakeSwap, the countdown begins. Exactly in 21 days, the barrel uncorks NFT cards, and you have the possibility to buy them on BakerySwap! The first barrel contains 1400 NFT Cards, and others include 2000! 1000 Silver, 700 Gold, and 300 Platinum cards keep each of them.


Step 1
First NFT Bar cards presentation
Contract deployment
Listing first 600 NFT on BakerySwap
Pre-launch marketing campaigns
Public Presale
Public launch on PancakeSwap
NFT collection reveal
Step 2
Tech Rate full audit
Collaboration with NFT art influencers
The initial Push
Merch Launch
Yield Farming
Step 3 Listing
Applications submitted on Binance NFT
Team full DOXX
Promotional content