Whiskey Coin
Total Suply 1 Billion
Burned 51%
Airdrop 2%
Devs Wallet 0%
Liquidity locked 5 year
Buy fee 8%, of which 5% for rewards in BNB
Sell fee 20%, of which 15% for rewards in BNB
Create your own crypto whiskey bar!

Our main goal is to create exclusive Whiskey NFT cards for collection and resale. Each collection is unique and inimitable. It guarantees NFT cards price rising.

Each barrel will open unique Whiskey NFT series every week. Amount will be different and distributed between holders after listing. First barrel is ready. And first Whiskey NFT series is ready for release and will be distributed between top 100 participants of Presale!

Whiskey NFT Cards
Whiskey NFT Barrels
our Future Roadmap
Step 1
  • Contract deployment
  • Website Launch
  • Twitter and Instagram
  • Coinhunt and Coinsniper Promotion
  • Airdrop
  • Shill bonuses
  • Live AMA
  • Private Presale
  • DxSale Presale
  • PancakeSwap Listing
Step 2
  • Weekly AMA
  • Reddit promotion
  • First Whiskey NFT Barrel uncork
  • NFT Cards public sale
  • Cooperation with Youtube influencers
Step 3
  • Full audit
  • CoinGecko
  • Coinmaketcap
  • Opening next 3 Whiskey NFT Barrels
Step 4
  • 2 more Exchange listings
  • Community Events
  • Opening last 2 Whiskey NFT Barrels